We Think, We Dare,We achieve, Together

We Think, We Dare,

We achieve, Together

Company overview

Opyflow provides accelerated transformation solutions for businesses in the areas of global operations, procurement, and supply chain. We leverage decades of experience to resolve your specific challenges, improve profitability by increasing revenue and customer satisfaction, while reducing operating cost, overhead and working capital.

In the age of industry 4.0, we combine IoT with operational excellence, creating a new set of solutions to optimize your resources. Allowing you to work smarter and make decisions based on advanced data analytics.

For Startups, we provide supply chain as a service end to end solution. Our collaboration allows you to focus on your core competencies while we leverage our expertise to develop and manage your processes.

While working across most industries, Opyflow is experienced in and focused on regulated industries in the following four sectors: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, aircraft, and chemical processing.


chemical & Process
Medical devices
Aerospace & aircraft
industrial manufacturing
Start ups

why choose us

Accelerated Transformation

We look for the essential, creating a realistic picture, identifying core issues and desired outcomes. We act fast in order to create substantial result visible to all.

Expertise with experience

Our team is based on experienced leaders from the industry and knows the complexity of implementing sustainable transformation. Therefore, we always deliver practical end-to-end solutions that drive you towards your aspirations.

Result-oriented services

We ensure tangible and measurable results rather than theoretical advise in PowerPoint presentations.

True Partnerships

We are your greatest supporter and the one who helps you face reality.

Dov Amar,

CEO and Founder

About Us

At Opyflow, we are proud to have a team of experts with extensive experience in supply chain management, operations, and procurement. Our goal is to help improve your operations, so your organization can operate at its maximum potential. We also work with freelancers that have in-depth industry experience and expertise to complete our teams.

The team of Opyflow is led by Dov Amar, the CEO and Founder of Opyflow.

Dov is a recognized professional in supply chain and operational excellence. He is a business leader who has worked at several top management positions in various organizations across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Over the last two decades, Dov played vital roles in designing, managing, and executing transformations in operations and supply chain.

He has experience establishing multinational end-to-end supply chains, inventory optimization, network strategy and cost reduction. His leadership plays a vital role in establishing a culture of excellence in Opyflow.

Dov is also an amateur photographer who exhibited in Milan, Athens, Belgrade, Tel Aviv, Venezia, Hague and many more.

Our Values


Raise your standard to Excellence

Execute Fast and Make a sustainable impact

Take ownership
and inspire leadership

Look at the full picture and focus on customer success

Be bold, challenge yourself, learn and innovate


Act with
a family

Vision & mission

Our Vision

To be a one-stop shop for business accelerated transformation services driven by a team of experts and forward-thinking minds.
To be a global leader providing supply chain as a service solution to startups.

Our Mission

To help your company realize its potential value and contribute to your success.


Opyflow entered a partnership with Monday.com as is preferred platform to optimize team work and increase   organizational transparency. Ask us about it!